Author: Vicky

Portrait of Reiko Kaneko.
Meet the Maker: Reiko
Meet the Maker: Reiko Japanese ceramic designer Reiko Kaneko graduated from BA (Hons) Art and Design... Read More
Glass vase holding a flower. Jim Rokos in the background.
In the Studio With…Jim Rokos
In the Studio With...Jim Rokos When he’s not trying to beat his nephew in chess or... Read More
Katie Fletcher portrait.
Meet the Artist: Katie Fletcher
Meet the Artist: Katie Fletcher not just a shop is thrilled to introduce and welcome another... Read More
Three notebooks, a pen, a pair of scissors, and 2 erasers.
Meet the Maker: James Barker
Meet the Maker: James Barker Meet James Barker: illustrator extraordinaire, children’s book author, and Central Saint... Read More
Elysia Byrd portrait
Meet the Artist: Elysia Byrd
Meet the artist: Elysia Byrd London-based artist Elysia Byrd graduated from Wimbledon College of the Arts... Read More
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