In the studio with Ying Wu from Pig, Chicken & Cow
A female artist cutting fabric with scissors while a male artist draws a sketch with a pencil.
Chinese fashion designer Ying Wu graduated from BA (Hons) Textiles at Central Saint Martins. Together with Shan Jiang they founded luxury silk company Pig Chicken & Cow. Their brightly coloured designs are strongly influenced by their home city of Shanghai; its skyscrapers and traditional superstitions, communist ideology and flourishing subcultures.

Where is your studio?

My studio is in Muswell Hill, North London.

Describe your typical day

I’m woken up by my son; we have alarm clock, but it isn’t as efficient as my son’s kicking! After taking him to nursery I go to my studio, open my computer and spend the day working until it’s time to collect him from nursery. I’ll continue my work in the evening once he’s gone to bed.

What are the key stages of your design and making process?

I start with a rough sketch then develop it by thinking of ways that I can enhance the design and make it more interesting.

A sketch of a skull and a close up of hands sewing.

What is the best thing about your job?

When I’m working on my own work I can be so self-centred – it feels great!

Two images of suit jackets with pocket squares.

Do you listen to music in your studio?

I enjoy listening to news and Chinese talk shows when I’m doing emails or other admin jobs.

I find music can sometimes be distracting so I tend to listen to something quite light (such as jazz or classical music) or nothing at all while I’m designing.

What’s on your desk right?

A hard drive (I can’t stress how important it is as it contains all my work!), my phone and a pen and paper for writing down ‘to do’ lists and sketching.

An image of a pink mobile phone case. On the right is a close up image of a pencil and technical drawing pen.

Who do you look up to as entrepreneur?

I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many talented friends and individuals that I take advice from and share opinions with.

Why were you interested in having your products sold at not just a shop?

Being a graduate of Central Saint Martins (CSM), I am really happy to be able to have my products in not just a shop. It’s a mixture of feelings; pride, honour, and familiarity.