Martina Paukova x UAL - Our exclusive new window design
Not just a shop window display

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for and we’re thrilled with Martina’s window design and new product range, all in celebration of London Design Festival 2018. It’s great to be representing even more UAL students and grads in such a high profile location; Martina is a double UAL alumni, having completed her Masters of Arts in Illustration from Camberwell and her FdA Design for Graphic Communication at London College of Communication. Here’s what we found out about Martina and her creative process…

What was the inspiration behind the design for the window display?
The inspiration behind the design and the solution I presented is super literal (I guess that is my favourite kind?). I simply illustrated the characters that are setting up the window display and then the other characters are passing on the street and admiring the display – as real life people would do! So yeah, I guess I was just trying to find the best way to tell an illustrated story within the given space – the shop sells products from multiple designers so I couldn’t just push the story one particular way. The solution had to be generic enough to to encompass the philosophy of the shop and not to favour one thing over the other. Another challenge was the position of the shelving that I had to work around along with the UAL sticker running across the whole display. So yea, limits can be good, they push you 🙂

Martina Paukova portrait

Have you ever worked with vinyl or created a window display before?
Yup luckily I did, one was for a Japanese department store called Isetan years back and their Christmas display (this was together with other illustrators) and two other times I did a vinyl for a gallery window to promote the shows I was doing. The whole task can seem daunting in the beginning, as you have to deal with precise measurements, technical and colour limitations, and wrap your head around the scale etc.. But the results are usually super sweet.

How does it feel to have your work displayed in such a prime location in central London?
The feeling is just fantastic. I am such a genuine fan of the University of the Arts – I did both my Foundation and Masters degree there. I also spent some time there working as a digital technician after finishing my studies. So yeah, my memories are very fond. Now, having been chosen to design the display – wow. Especially considering the sheer amount of talent that is graduating every single year. I feel proud.

Not just a shop store front

What was the process of designing the window display like?
It wasn’t really different from any other commission. One good thing about working in the industry for some time is that you get sort of immune to any sort of ‘value added stress’ like “OMG, window display, London Design Festival, UAL etc…” I basically sat down with all the measurements, sketched out the window space in a correct proportion and then started adding characters. I wasn’t really sure about the story I am telling until the third character was in place – I still find it kind of magical how the story can literally pop up as soon as few characters are in place. The little world appears!

Martina Paukova sketch of not just a shop storefront
Paukova vinyl falmost there design

What do you want viewers to take away from your work?
A smile or a little grin is enough.

What three things are essential to your practice?
Sleep, discipline and a story.

How do the products you’ve created relate to the design?
Basically we took very classic items and added the elements of design to them. Still can’t wait to get my hands on them! They are going to make such perfect gifts.

Martina Paukova products in not just a shop

What are your fondest memories of UAL?
Must be the Foundation degree time – when I was ‘fresh of the boat’ so to speak, having my first contact with design and illustration and making friendships for life.

What is the most inspiring place you’ve been to in London?
I definitely can’t pick one, London is London 😛

Do you have any examples of other artworks?
Sure, I guess best would be the share the stuff I worked on most recently – I’ve just finished a cover for Brummell magazine, a few weeks back I did an image for New Yorker, and another one for and their High on Design blog. I had a lot of fun designing the packaging for Barra chocolate and working for the London based start up

Chocolate bar and coffee on a pink table

That all looks fab – it’s great to see what our grads are capable of! Great to talk to you Martina! 

Head to not just a shop, 272 High Holborn, WC1V 7EY to see Martina’s window display for real and pick up her limited edition range of products!

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