Meet the artist… Isabel Bonafe
Isabel Bonafe
Isabel Bonafe is currently studying MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. Her recent work revolves around the oblivion of memory.

What was the inspiration behind the piece(s) in not just a shop?

I was looking at photographs of my family album and I realise that these photographs couldn’t preserve my memories. Moreover, in many cases, the images distorted them. Since then, I have been questioning the evocative power of the photograph and working with the oblivion of the memory. How the memories operate in our thought and they are modified through the sum of experiences along time.

Des-cartography recovers lost pieces from memory, overlapped and intertwined with oblivion. Interweaving anachronistic memories causing a temporary parallax, fading until they disappear. The trace of the past is reshaped by our daily life: conversations, sounds, images or our own memories told by other people.

Isabel Bonafe

Who has influenced your work the most?

Chris Marker is one of the most influent artists for this work. But I cannot avoid neither artists such as Hiroshi Sugimoto or Joachim Schmid.

When did you know that you want to pursue artist career?

There has always been a permanent search in my life that made me see the world differently, which is what ignited my interest in the art world. But before that, I was introduced to science to look for answers that I never found: I focused my high school degree on science and technology, and studied Chemical Engineering during my freshman year of university. I realised that science did not answer my questions. My art studies began in October 2010 when I entered the faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Seville, Spain. It was then that I found my way to experience the world, and I was no longer able to separate art from life.

Isabel Bonafe in her studio

What do you want viewers to take away from your work?

I pretend to create “material beacons”: pieces of works that are evocative to viewers to recall.

What is the most inspiring place or exhibition you’ve been to in London?

What I most love in London is being walking and let myself fall into splendid galleries around the city. I really find incredible works and artist by chance, simply walking in this extraordinary cultural source.