Meet the artist... Janine Hall
Janine Hall portrait
London based artist, Janine Hall graduated from Wimbledon College of Arts this summer after studying BA Fine Art: Painting before continuing on to MA Drawing part-time. Janine draws shadows and plays with space via chance and balance using graphite, with some work incorporating acrylic paint and ink.

What was the inspiration behind the piece(s) in not just a shop?     

‘Morning’ Interior (1) came out of a project at the National Gallery where we were asked to respond to a work of art or the National Gallery building.  I drew two drawings that responded to shadows on a staircase leading up to the National gallery and a further two that caught the sunlight on an interior staircase. ‘Morning’ is one of those.

The inspiration for the ‘Pool Shadow’ drawing comes from the mesmerising rippling water effect within a pool seen on a bright sunny day whilst on holiday.

Janine Hall portrait

Who has influenced your work the most?

So many people have been an influence from Agnes Martin’s meditative approach to Vija Celmins and Cornelia Parker’s drawings to Varda Caivano and Brad Lachore’s paintings, as well as my fellow student’s work. Inspiration also comes from the books I read and often, just looking and seeing the abstract in the world around me… they are all, and have been, a big influence.

Janine Hall portrait

When did you know that you want to pursue a career as an artist?

I’ve drawn and painted since I can remember. To follow an artist’s career has always been a dream and I’m working towards that now.

What do you want viewers to take away from your work?

I’d like to gift the visiting viewer the experience of stillness I find when drawing.

What three things are essential to your practice?

Shadows, Chance and Balance.

What is the most inspiring place or exhibition you’ve been to in London? I’ve thought that the Tate Modern is amazing since it was launched, and in its continuing ability to bring art from around the world and make it accessible to anyone.