Meet the artist... Lydia Hamblet
LYDIA HAMBLET in the studio
Lydia Hamblet’s work is derived from a keen interest in the environment around her. Using a combination of printmaking, painting and drawing, she explores the relationship between place and memory, whilst investigating ways in which colour, lines and layers can inform the narrative of her work. Since graduating in 2017, Lydia has completed the Topolski Chronicle Residency Programme and has also been awarded the Clyde & Co Art Award.

What was the inspiration behind the piece(s) in not just a shop?

The two prints in not just a shop are from my larger body of work called ‘1,000 Indias’. The aim is to communicate the atmospheres of the place whilst also finding ways to reconnect with my family’s history and culture. I use the process of combining printing with painting and drawing to investigate the relationship between place and memory.

Who has influenced your work the most?

So many artists! Tal R, Hockney and Shara Hughes, to name but a few. I feel that I’m constantly influenced by different artists every day, especially the people I graduated from art school with.

When did you know that you want to pursue a career as an artist?

I have always loved drawing and making work but it wasn’t until later on at school that I started to see it as a viable career option.


What do you want viewers to take away from your work?

My work is often personal, so I always hope that viewers can find something in it that’s relatable, nostalgic or that they can find a narrative within it that is familiar to them.

What three things are essential to your practice?

My practice is constantly evolving. Reportage is key to my work – I use it as a tool to research and it helps me to understand my relationship between place and memory. Space – what I’m painting, where I’m working and who I’m working with are all essential to my practice. Finally, colour – that one goes without saying!

What is the most inspiring place or exhibition you’ve been to in London?

Nearly every corner of London is a spectacle, I can’t pinpoint a specific place! I recently went to Gursky’s retrospective exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, which was incredible.