Meet the team: Melanie Twigger
At not just a shop, we have a fantastic team of creative thinkers who all share the same passion for art and design. This month we spoke to our Visual Merchandising and Retail Assistant Melanie Twigger to gain a little insight into her role and to find out more about her own creative practice.

What did you study at UAL? 

I studied Fine Art: Painting at Wimbledon College of Arts and loved it. There was such a great community spirit there – probably because the college was further out than most, but this allowed me to really focus and learn about painting. The support from tutors and technicians was really amazing, they really made me feel part of a team and taught us how important and beneficial it is to work together.

Melanie Twigger portrait

What do you like most about working at not just a shop? 

I enjoy selling and promoting products and fine art that has been created by students and alumni of UAL. With UAL being such a large and diverse university it’s really nice to see the range of things people produce. The shop really is a showcase of achievements.

Who is your favourite designer/artist/entrepreneur and why?

Matisse is probably the first that pops to mind. I take a lot of inspiration from patterned textiles and objects, so I really love his paintings of interiors.

What’s your creative practice outside work?

Since leaving University last year, it’s been a bit tricky to carry on painting without a studio – I try to do bits here and there. Recently I’ve been using black and white scraper boards to plan works for the future, they’re super fun to do and allow me to work without any colour, letting me concentrate solely on form and texture.

Melanie Twigger portrait

Finally, what’s your favourite product in not just a shop?

It’s tricky! Probably Yuta Segawa‘s little vases, they’re so beautiful and tiny and I have no idea how he hand makes them all! I also love the ChattyFeet socks – David Sock Knee is a favourite!