Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
Not sure what to get for your mum to show how grateful you are? Maybe hold off on flowers – they will be dead in less than week! Instead think of getting something special that would last. Consider a gift that would go with her hobbies or surprise her with a special luxurious piece she would not consider buying it for herself…
We’ve asked our team what they will get to their mums, so you can get some inspiration for your coffee-lover, hyper-specific, eco-obsessed or fashionista mum…

Team member: Gerda Micke, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Mum Likes: Anything cooking and baking related, hand-made greeting cards and beauty products.

Mum Dislikes: Flashy jewellery, dirty kitchen.

The Gift: Minimalistic tableware would make a perfect gift and would be very handy for our family dinners. My mum’s all-time favourite Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni dish would look incredibly lovely served on a white plate. I think she would love Emma Alington’s handcrafted products.

Left: Four ceramic bowls containing fresh lemons. Right: White ceramic plate on a wooden table.

Team member: Vicky Creevey, Enterprise and Events Manager

Mum likes: Anything cosy (such as nice socks), funny or creative gifts.

Mum dislikes: She’s clumsy – like me – so I avoid buying her anything that’s easy to break!

The gift: My mum works with children and is really creative so I’d buy her one of the STORY Walk-In Books to use with her class. When I was a child she used to do puppet shows so she’d love the little props that come within the pack.

Left: Small white bag by Story. Right: Orange fox mask.

Team member: Lewis Campbell, Retail Office and Shop Assistant

Mum likes: Anything homeware or dog related – she loves dogs!

Mum dislikes: She’s pretty easy to please, but I avoid buying anything pink for her. She’s not a fan!

The gift: Recently my mum told us she doesn’t want us spending money on her, but on things that will add to the house, and I think the Mathilda Della Torre prints would be perfect for her kitchen. She loves art and travel, and I think these prints would be a great addition to her collection!


Team member: Natalie Stevens, Enterprise Space Retail Manager

Mum Likes: Jewellery, anything with diamonds usually, otherwise rose gold or simple unique designs are big hit.

Mum Dislikes: Receiving beautifully wrapped but empty jewellery boxes with a note to say ‘it’s the thought that counts’ (my dad actually did this once!).

The Gift: Maya Magal’s Rose Gold Stacking Ring, or the Triangle necklace with stone charm as they are beautifully designed, handmade and simple. My mum used to work in a boutique designer store so has a good eye for jewellery and unique pieces. I took her advice when selecting the original collection for not just a shop, so I know she would love them.

Left: Ring. Right: Necklace.

Team member: Abbie Bambridge, Visual Merchandising and Retail Assistant

Mum Likes: Homeware, anything relating to coffee or something useful/creative for the kitchen. She likes to relax so London Refinery candles would definitely be up her street.

Mum dislikes: My mum is not very fussy and appreciates the thought more then anything, I would avoid anything too flashy and I can’t buy her jewellery because of her job as a chef.

Gift: She likes to write so I would buy her one of the James Barker Notebook sets, or a House of Cally West London cup to enjoy her morning cuppa. I think she would also really appreciate one of Yuta’s pots as she likes collecting small trinkets and objects.

Left: Mini ceramic pots. Middle: Ceramic tea cup with London landmark design. Right: Three notepads with dinosaur designs.