Introducing our new Fine Artists!

Here’s a close up of the six new fine artists we’ve welcomed to not just a shop.  

Jacob Monk, Rainforest and White Brush Strokes
BA (Hons) Textile Design, Central Saint Martins, 2016

Jacob Monk is a freelance textile artist and designer. This series of hand-woven art pieces explore the technique ‘ikat’; creating pattern through typing and dyeing the warp yarns. This gives a playful sense of movement as colours clash and blur the lines between one section and another.

Anastasija Pudane, Love in a Cold Climate
MA Illustration, Camberwell College of Art, due to graduate in 2019

Anastajia is a narrative focused freelance illustrator currently living and working in London. Anastajia’s work flows between varied forms of media, including drawing, painting, monotype and screen-printing. Her work, often described as mythic and poetic, brings femininity to the forefront.

Emma Veares, Times Two and Times Three
Foundation Art and Design, Central Saint Martins, 2014

Emma creates framed silk chiffon photographic prints, which are suspended over identical photographic prints on paper. The effect is 3D and almost holographic. Emma is interested in light and its limits, and the extent to which it can be brought into a space using a still image. Her work aims to convey the movement that happens during a moment of time in a still image.

Penina Zeltser, Blue and Scattered from the ‘Leaving Their Mark’ series
BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media, London College of Communication, due to graduate in 2020

Penina is a printmaker who focuses on print and pattern design. Process is an important part of her practice, it allows her to fully play and develop an image. ‘Leaving Their Mark’ is a series of etchings made from a collection of pressed flowers. Soft ground etching allows Penina to capture the beautiful marks and textures of the flowers.

Camila Quintero, Geometric Utopia
MA Visual Arts: Illustration, Camberwell College of Art, 2018

Camila Quintero is a visual artist and graphic designer from Bogota, Colombia who is based in London. Her work references different disciplines across art, architecture, photography and design. She has established a way to work with abstract geometry by using both fluid and controlled automatism. Colour and composition are fundamental to her work. Camila is also keen to develop works that have a 3D quality by exploring perspective, distortion and deconstruction.

Hyun Ah Kwon, Room
MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, 2018

Hyun Ah Kwon’s art is about recording the memories of transcendent moments of her own life. She focuses on various printing techniques such as etching, screen-print and digital. She usually makes small wall-based works, but she has recently started installing the prints inside of a space, to represent her metaphysical moments.

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We’ll be posting one to one interviews with each of our Fine Artists over the next few weeks, where you can hear more about the Artists, their process and the artworks in our store. Make sure to keep an eye out and continue following our blog! 🙂

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