Allesandro in his studio

Dorsoscoperto is a small-scale production of unique handmade sketchbooks by Alessandro Fiorentino, a young designer and graduate from London College of Communication.

Alessandro designs and crafts the sketchbooks using different techniques and materials, specifically from between London and Rome. Constantly on the lookout for materials, he tries to find handmade, recycled and waste paper (such as from typography labs).

The aim of Dorsoscoperto is to create high-quality and sustainable products through paper found in different cities.

Products for sale

Pink Patterened A5 Handmade Sketchbook

Pink Patterned A5 Sketchbook £27.00

Blue A5 sketchbook with black binding

Blue A5 Sketchbook £22.00

Yellow A5 sketchbook with black binding

Yellow A5 Sketchbook £22.00

Bordeux A5 sketchbook with black binding

Bordeaux A5 Sketchbook £22.00

Pink A5 sketchbook with blue binding

Pink A5 Sketchbook £22.00

Blue sketchbook with red hand stitching

Blue and Red Hand Stitched A5 Sketchbook £22.00

Grey A5 sketchbook with yellow hand stitching

Grey and Yellow Hand Stitched A5 Sketchbook £22.00

Black A5 notebook multicolour stiching

Black and Multicolour Hand Stitched A5 Sketchbook £22.00

Red Patterned A5 Sketchbook

Red Patterned A5 Sketchbook £27.00