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‘Reimagined Nets’ is the newest window display in not just a shop. Designed by Central Saint Martins alum, Sanna Rokka, the display focuses on sustainability and how materials can be reused.  

Sanna Rokka (STUDIOBYSANNA) explores various disciplines throughout her work, merging sustainability with design. Sanna draws from her expertise in interior design, art, textiles, and biology. She strives to craft projects that form new connections and interests between people, the natural world, and the environments we inhabit.

Textile waste and plastic packaging are the two highest contributors to microplastic pollution. ‘Reimagined Nets’ aims to combine both of these waste streams to create new, repurposed pieces of art out of materials that would otherwise be discarded. By donating your fruit and vegetable nets, you can contribute to a new unique canvas. 

The canvasses displayed in the window are made using 100% reclaimed, second-hand or waste materials. Through this process, waste is saved from ending up in landfills and reused more sustainably.

This project aims to change perspectives on the term ‘waste’. Sanna wants to influence the amount of good-quality materials wasted each year. She invites the audience to get creative with their own materials and see what they can reuse for art. 

The display will be in not just a shop from 8 April until the end of May. Come along and donate fruit and vegetable nets during the shop’s opening hours.

Please speak to a member of the shop team or email for more information.