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At not just a shop, we are committed to building an environmentally conscious, non-profit business.  We operate a business where emphasis is placed on our makers and the stories behind their products. Our retail operations are carefully considered to reduce the negative impact on people and the planet. We aim to be open and honest about our sustainability journey. We recognise that whilst we have made a start, there is a long road ahead. We are committed as a small shop team and as members of UAL staff, to pursuing sustainable practices, now and in the future.  

Our sustainability values:  

We support and encourage ethical and sustainable businesses and products 

  • We request that our suppliers reduce their use of single-use plastic packaging and any unnecessary packaging.
  • We encourage applicants to the shop to consider sustainability in their products.

We operate in a conscious way to minimize negative impact on people and planet 

  • We only place orders for stock that we think we will realistically sell in-store and online. We try to avoid over-ordering and holding excess stock.
  • We reuse packaging when sending out our online orders. We accept donations of packing from UAL staff members. Most of the packaging we use is recyclable or biodegradable. The marketing materials placed in our orders can be recycled.  We do not reorder packaging supplies until we are low in stock. 
  • We do not print invoices for online orders, unless requested by customers at check-out.
  • We ask customers if they require a paper receipt before printing in-store.
  • We have reduced the use of vinyl on our window displays.
  • We are investigating how to reuse, donate and recycle materials used for our shop and window displays.

We value honesty and transparency in communication with both our suppliers and customers 

  • Please contact us if you would like further information regarding any of our products or suppliers.  

We support UAL’s commitment to live and teach more sustainably 

  • Outside of shop hours, the shop is used as an event and enterprise learning space.
  • We encourage events and panel discussions relating to sustainability.

We are committed to continually working on and improving how we can make positive and lasting changes for people and the planet 

  • We are working on phasing our plastic packaging in our online orders and we are currently testing a recyclable alternative as a replacement. We will continue to use bubble wrap in orders until we have used up our remaining packaging, or if it has been given to us to be reused.
  • We are phasing out the use of biodegradable mailing bags, switching to recyclable and reusable paper bags and postal boxes for online orders. Once we have used up the stock we have, we do not plan on ordering anymore.
  • We are working on creating a sustainability framework to categorise our suppliers and to become more transparent to our customers. We are hopeful that this will be ready to launch by summer 2024. 
  • We are working with on creating e-commerce postal boxes made from waste cardboard packaging.