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Resilience Collective brought to you a collection of prints created by the BA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography students at London College of Communication during their unprecedented final year of study.

From June 14 – July 13 2021, not just a shop hosted the sale of the prints to support their online graduate showcase ‘A Kind of Resilience’. During this period, all proceeds from the sales went directly to the students, aiding them on their journey from student to emerging professionals in a world in much need of story tellers and visionaries. Any sales from the remaining prints go back to not just a shop who support the next generation of new designers.

Located in all corners of the globe, often working from bedrooms with lectures taking place on screens, they learnt to adapt, grow stronger, and form their own kind of resilience. Embodying this spirit, they have created a unique time capsule of work encapsulating the world at an unrepeatable, remarkable, and distinct moment in time.

Each A3 limited edition print was on sale for £50, and had a diversity that was truly representative of the collective, there is a print for every wall.  

Products for sale

‘Untitled’ by Cain Suleyman Print £50.00

‘Boston’ by Ruby Elizabeth Mellor Print £50.00

‘Taxi’ by Taha Izzi Print £50.00

‘The Edge of My Bed’ by Nina Maria Allmoslechner Print £50.00

‘Burning out’ by Nikola Vintrová Print £50.00

‘Tienimi forte, fallo per me/ Hold me tight, do it for me’ by Laura Gaggero Print £50.00

‘Point of Contact’ by Laura Dester Print £50.00

‘In Loving Memory of Brownie’ by Holly Elizabeth Martlew Print £50.00

Photograph of mans naked torso

‘How Close is Too Far’ by Anna Drozd Print £50.00