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Pilar BICO PAPIER Profile Picture

Pilar Peña-Román is the founder and creative force behind BICO PAPIER, a colourful stationery brand which celebrates individuality, style, and the pure joy of self-expression through exceptional paper goods.  

As a self-confessed colour addict and a devoted believer in the power of dreams penned on paper, Pilar’s passion for creativity is the heartbeat of BICO PAPIER, sparking a collection that empowers boldness and cherishes individuality. 

From her studio in Notting Hill, she invites everyone to colour outside the lines, dream boldly, and craft a vibrant and unique life. 

Products for sale

Embossed Notes Notebook – Green A5 £20.00

Embossed Notes Notebook - Orange A5

Embossed Notes Notebook – Orange A5 £20.00