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Biju Jewellery designer Natalie

Biju Jewellery is a boutique company founded by Natalie Itinov – a paper artist and design graduate. Although based in London, the brand has a Bulgarian background, where the name Biju means a delicate ornament.  

Biju Jewellery was born from the idea of blurring the boundaries between materials of opposing qualities, and using them to create new and exciting pieces.  By combining their love for paper art and silversmithing, Biju creates jewellery that is unique, lightweight and contemporary. Through the use of up-cycled materials Biju advocates for sustainability meaning the products made are recyclable, vegan and cruelty free.  


Products for sale

Tina Hook Earrings Pink

Tina Stud Earrings – Pink £20.00

Tina Hook Earrings Blue

Tina Stud Earrings – Blue £20.00

Ora Hoop Earrings – Orange

Ora Hoop Earrings – Orange £32.00

Ora Hoop Earrings - Red

Ora Hoop Earrings – Red £32.00

Ora Hoop Earrings - Green

Ora Hoop Earrings – Green £32.00

Monika Necklace - Orange and Red

Monika Necklace – Orange and Red £60.00

Iva Earrings - Pink Red and Brown

Iva Earrings £38.00

Audrey Earrings - Yellow by Biju Jewellery Yellow 'Audrey' earrings

Audrey Earrings – Yellow £36.00

Helen Earrings in blue by Biju Jewellery - Blue hoop 'Helen' earrings

Helen Earrings – Blue £55.00