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Celine Lau Profile Picture

Celine Ka Wing Lau is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Hong Kong and London. She loves to illustrate bold, colourful images and witty characters. Celine’s art embodies themes of warmth, humour, and endearing charm. She frequently employs vibrant colours and concise lines to bring her characters and scenes to life. Her products were designed and made in Hong Kong.

Products for sale

Fxxk You Enamel Pin

Fxxk You Enamel Pin £8.00

Starry night enamel pin

Starry Night Enamel Pin £8.00

Red Heart Enamel Pin

Red Heart Enamel Pin £8.00

yellow guy enamel pin

Yellow Guy Enamel Pin £8.00

Alien Enamel Pin

Alien Enamel Pin £8.00