ChattyFeet is the vision of Gil Kahana and Humberto de Sousa, two playful types with a mission to inject more fun into peoples’ lives – by making their socks talk!

They launched ChattyFeet with four characters in December 2012, and they now have 33 quirky designs in their footwear family. Each pair of ChattyFeet has a unique personality and funny name, such as: Kate Middle-Toe, The Sockfather and Prof. Brian Sox.

ChattyFeet socks are a brilliant talking point. Kick off your shoes and see for yourself, or share the fun by sending a pair as an unusual gift!

Products for sale

Feetasso Socks £9.00

Roy Lichtenstoe Socks £9.00

Screamy Ed Socks £9.00

Fashion Socks - The Sock Queen

The Sock Queen £9.00

Fashion Socks - Piet Mondrian

Feet Mondrian Socks £9.00

Fashion Socks - Yasoi Kusama

Yayoi Toesama Socks £9.00

Fashion Socks - Andy Warhol design

Andy Sock-Hole Socks £9.00

Fashion Socks - Vincent van Gogh design

Vincent van Toe Socks £9.00

Fashion Socks - Salvador Dali design

Sole-Adore Dali Socks £9.00

Fashion Socks - Frida Kahlo design

Frida Callus Socks £9.00

A boxed set of four pairs of socks featuring different artists' faces

Famous Artists Socks Collection (Gift Box) £33.00

Fashion Socks Modern Artists Box Set

Famous Modern Artists Socks Collection (Gift Box) £33.00