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Eleni Maragaki is a visual artist born in Athens, Greece. She is currently based in north London. Her work involves the creation of fictional landscapes, approaching the idea of observing and mapping nature in an abstract and exploratory way. Eleni’s prints aim to present the immense non-organic flows of life that constitute the landscape, such as mountains and seas, in a less human centred way. The absence of humans in her work attempts to present the environment in its pure state of wilderness and solitude.

Products for sale

Spring Flowers Print A3

Spring Flowers Print A3 £25.00

Mountains Lino Print A4

Mountains Lino Print A4 £14.00

Seascape II Print A4

Seascape II Print A4 £14.00

Seascape I Digital Print A4

Seascape I Print A4 £14.00