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Ellis Benji Bertram

Ellis Benji Bertram is a BA Illustration student and multi-disciplinary artist with a passion for printmaking, illustration, and comics. She likes to explore different mediums and techniques to create weird and wonderful works of art. All of her products are made in LCC workshops or at home by hand.  

Products for sale

Ask Me My Pronoun Holographic Pin Badge

Ask My Pronouns Holographic Pin Badge £3.00

they/them pronoun badge

They/Them Holographic Pronoun Pin Badge £3.00

Any Pronoun Pin Badge

Any Pronoun Holographic Pin Badge £3.00

she/her pin badge

She/Her Holographic Pronoun Pin Badge £3.00

He/Him Holographic Pronoun Pin

He/Him Holographic Pronoun Pin Badge £3.00