Emily Nash headshot

Emily Nash is a Bristol-based illustrator and designer. She uses collage to design playful and eye-catching images – layering together hand-cut pieces of texture and colour – which are then printed onto greetings cards.

All of Emily’s cards are packaged in a biodegradable cellophane, with envelopes made from 100% recycled material.

Products for sale

Hello Tiny Human Greetings Card £3.00

Happy Birthday Monkeys Greetings Card £3.00

Happy Birthday Lemurs Greetings Card £3.00

Sending You Sunshine Greetings Card £3.00

I’m So Very Sorry Greetings Card £3.00

Toucan Happy Birthday Greetings Card £3.00

Bear and Bunny Greetings Card £3.00

Gardening Dad Greetings Card £3.00

Thank You Zebra Greetings Card £3.00

Party Animals Greetings Card £3.00

Wedding Wishes Greetings Card £3.00

A5 Lemur Notebook £5.95

Llama Birthday Greetings Card £3.00

Biscuits Greetings Card £3.00

Hooray Balloons Greetings Card £3.00

You’re Brills Greetings Card £3.00

Bear and Bunny A4 Print £12.00

Elephant and Squirrel A4 Print £12.00

Tiger and Toucan A4 Print £12.00

Break Prancing A4 Print £12.00

Roller Shapes A4 Print £12.00

A5 Fox Notebook £5.95

A5 Sausage Dog Notebook £5.95

A5 Cat Notebook £5.95

Daddy Bear Greetings Card £3.00

Mummy Bear Greetings Card £3.00

Tiny New Friend Card £3.00

Sweet Cheeks Card £3.00

Pulling Shapes Card £3.00

Roller Shapes Card £3.00

Break Prancing Card £3.00

Living Your Best Life Greetings Card £3.00

I Miss Hanging Out With You Card £3.00

You Can Do It Giraffe Card £3.00

Happy Birthday Panda Card £3.00

Happy Birthday Zebra Card £3.00

Sending Hugs Card £3.00

Sausage Dogs Happy Birthday Card £3.00

Cats Happy Birthday Card £3.00