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Florence Mytum Profile Picture

Florence Mytum is based in East London, and uses her background as a sculptor to design and create bold, colourful and tactile ceramics. From tactile mugs to sculptural vases and playful platters, her pieces are designed to be both decorative and functional, ergonomic yet artistic. Each piece is individually handmade and fired in the kiln up to 1240 degrees. Florence Mytum Ceramics are for those daring to defy a homogenised interior of mass-produced products, and invest in joyful, distinctive and handcrafted pieces for their homes. 

Products for sale

Wavy Candelabra – Pink £65.00

Wavy Candelabra - Chartreuse

Wavy Candelabra – Chartreuse £65.00

Wiggle Mug - Mint Green

Wiggle Mug – Mint Green £35.00

Wiggle Mug - Orange

Wiggle Mug – Orange £35.00

Wiggle Hand Vase - Pink

Wiggle Hand Vase – Pink £95.00