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Duygu Golden Horn Jewellery Profile Picture

Duygu Kacar is the creative mind behind Golden Horn Jewellery. She is a fashion designer based in East London with a passion for jewellery. Originally from Istanbul, she was inspired by the rich history and local jewellery artisans. She merges Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar heritage with London’s contemporary charm. Each jewellery piece is crafted in the Grand Bazaar and tells a story of uniqueness, personal passions, and human connections within this fusion of old and new. Often inspired by the beauty of nature, her designs incorporate organic shapes and earthy colours, utilising sustainable materials such as recycled solid gold, silver, and natural gemstones. 

Products for sale

Joy Motto Manifestation Ring

Joy Motto Manifestation Ring £112.00

Dream Motto Manifestation Ring

Dream Motto Manifestation Ring £112.00