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JILI SCENE is a London-based jewellery brand founded by Jiaying Chen and Jing Liao in 2022. The brand is focused on sustainable handmade jewellery. They draw inspiration from their memories of growing up in the 90s and the feelings association with childhood.

To reduce overproduction, JILI SCENE offer a made-to-order service. They use a mixture of freshwater pearls, natural stones, high-quality glass beads to create pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Products for sale

Narcissus Necklace by JILI SCENE

Narcissus Necklace £135.00

Nymphs Layered Necklace by JILI SCENE

Nymphs Layered Necklace £125.00

Aline Hair Clips by JILI SCENE

Aline Hair Clips £25.00

Adeline Hair Clips by JILI SCENE

Adeline Hair Clips £25.00