Lucy from The London Refinery

Founded by CSM graduate Lucy Heale, The London Refinery crafts natural and unique scented candles for your home. Crafted from essential oils and soy wax, the resulting candles are natural; free from petrochemicals, parabens and synthetic fragrances.

The brand’s London-based ‘refiners’ carefully blend together essential oils to make new and interesting scent combinations. Each of their candles has a refined scent to enliven different emotions and enhance well-being. Every product comes beautifully packaged with a hand designed label.

Products for sale

St Pauls At Christmas Candle £20.00

Candle Making Kit £29.00

Revitalise Soy Wax Candle £8.00£20.00

Relax Soy Wax Candle £8.00£20.00