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Ly Leova is a Czech illustrator with Vietnamese heritage based in London. Her diverse cultural background and Eastern spiritual influence mixed with Western philosophies allow her to approach work with a unique lens. A dancer, Ly enjoys combining various art fields and uses her experience and knowledge to inspire her illustration work.

Ly’s work often explores the surreal and the subconscious. A dreamer and a storyteller, her narrative compositions reflect on our world by imagining new worlds filled with quirky characters. To counter the surreal, she also enjoys exploring the mundane and capturing thumbnails of our everyday life in her still life compositions. Her work is very playful, often characterised by bold patterns and vibrant colours influenced by the 80’s & 90’s aesthetics, pop culture and street culture. Versatile in style and medium, Ly mainly works digitally exploring the possibilities of illustration and sequential storytelling by experimenting with new technology and combining different media such as 3D, video games and VR to create immersive and interactive experiences for the audience welcoming them to her dream worlds.  

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London Southbank Print A3

London Southbank Print A3 £27.00

Bathroom Tings pt.3 Print

Bathroom Tings pt.3 Print £8.00