Pattern designer, Mahin Hussain hails from the bright and colourful land of Pakistan but now resides in Aberdeen, Scotland with her two children. Mahin’s work consists of visual print-based collections inspired by her childhood memories and iconic cultural imagery of the sub-continent. Contrasting colours, bold imagery and tactile textures are what form the base of all her designs. 

Mahin’s current collection is a nod to the quirky symbolism reimagined in her hand-painted style. She passionately believes in the power of colour and thinks everyone needs some in their life. 

Products for sale

Floral Vase Greetings Card £3.50

Green and Pink Floral Risograph Print A3 £25.00

Rooster Risograph Print A4 £20.00

Rooster With Flower Risograph Print A4 £20.00