Joan and Marta from Materia Rica

MATERIA RICA is a creative independent jewellery brand. Founded by Joan Ayguadé and Marta Chojnacka in 2014, the brand creates sustainable laser cut jewellery that is hand-painted and varnished at their studio in Spain.

Previous collections have been inspired by artistic icons such as Herni Matisse and Sonia Delaunay, as well as the Art Deco movement.

Products for sale

Two Golden Bars Necklace £28.00

Golden Bar Earrings £26.00

Lemon Earrings £28.00

Pin Up Cherries Hoop Earrings £26.00

Yellow Pumpkin Earrings £30.00

White Pumpkin Earrings £30.00

Quiet Lily Necklace £33.00

Hanging Lily Stud Earrings £33.00

Dancing Lily Hoop Earrings £33.00

Mistletoe Kiss Necklace £20.00

Hand Earrings £23.00

Blue Moon Cotton Scarf £35.00

Fire Cotton Scarf £35.00

Meadow Flowers Scarf £35.00

Margarita Half Daisy Necklace £23.00

Margarita Earrings £23.00

Sunset Branch Necklace £39.00

Little Garden Hoop Earrings £30.00

Luna Earrings £22.00

Madagascar Leaf Necklace £25.00

Madagascar Leaf Earrings Yellow £23.00

Ribbon Bush White Necklace £23.00

Teal and Green Rustling Leaves Earrings £23.00

Red and Pink Rustling Leaves Earrings £23.00

Lasercut wood hands necklace

Touch Necklace £27.00

Pair of laser-cut wood earrings in the shape of spilled potions with stars.

Drip Earrings £20.00

The Spill Necklace, a laser cut wood necklace with a potion of stars spilling out.

Spill Necklace £20.00

Lasercut wood milkshake earrings

Milkshake Earrings £18.40

Lasercut wood horse earrings

Horsies Earrings £18.40

Woodcut beetle earrings

Flying Beetle Earrings £20.00

Unusual jewellery - Hands necklace

Two Hands Necklace £26.00

Unusual jewellery - wooden sardine earrings

Sardine Earrings £19.00

Creative jewellery - Whale necklace

Whale Necklace £20.80