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Noodoll is a London-based design brand born out of playful imagination and loving dedication – to produce quality products, ensure customer happiness, and unique style.

Products for sale

Ricestar Musical Baby Mobile

Ricetwinkle Musical Baby Mobile £26.50

Ricemoon Musical Baby Mobile £26.50

Ricecracker Yellow Night Light

Ricecracker Yellow Night Light £32.50

Ricecarrot Pink Night Light

Ricecarrot Pink Night Light £32.50

Ricefly Baby Rattle - Green

Ricefly Baby Rattle – Green £15.00

Ricemon Pencil Case by Noodoll

Ricemon Pencil Case £17.50

Ricecarrot Water Bottle by Noodoll

Ricecarrot Water Bottle £18.50

Ricedino Water Bottle by Noodoll

Ricedino Water Bottle £18.50