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SELL-OUT presented to you a series of prints created by MA students from the Art Programme at Central Saint Martins during the pandemic. All the proceeds from the sales go directly to the students to support their final degree show this summer. Any sales from remaining prints, post-degree show, go back to not just a shop to help their work in supporting the next generation of new designers.

As we begin to emerge from this period of lockdown much of what we once took for granted is no longer certain. Many of us have spent the last year confined to our homes, stuck to our computer screens. 

We wanted to make work for SELL-OUT that was affordable so that everyone might enjoy the benefits of living with art. If remote working is the new normal, lets fill our homes with opportunities for aesthetic pleasure. 

Each limited-edition artwork from this collection was on sale for only £50. The artists represented were all postgraduate students in MA Fine Art, MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies and MA Art and Science and they graduated in 2021.

Products for sale

Nature morte, colour photograph, butterfly and 4 ants in a surface choreography on water

‘Nature Morte’ by Print Virginie Nugere £50.00

Sense and Illegibility print by Tristan Albrecht

‘Sense and Illegibility’ Print by Tristan Albrecht £50.00

Canvas portraying two legs with a tail in-between them standing on curvaceous bubble like bodies.

‘I Always Wanted To Have A Tail’ Print by Talia Golchin £50.00

‘Evolving Regolith’ Print by Marie-Louise Jones £50.00

‘The Hunters 01’ Print by Zhengwei Li £50.00

‘In-Between’ Print by Leanne Wiggers £50.00

‘La Maremma’ Print by Hermione £50.00

‘Point to…’ Print by Chen Yuezhu £50.00