Yuta’s work focuses on the relationship between the artist’s body and the materials used during the making process. In his series Miniature Pots he creates a vast array of ceramic vessels that show traces of his practice and actions. He takes creation methods to their limits, experimenting in scale and unusual techniques.

Products for sale

Porcelain Cylinder Vase – Pink £30.00

Porcelain Cylinder Vase – Orange Base £30.00

Porcelain Cylinder Vase – Blue Drip £30.00

Porcelain Cylinder Vase – Purple Base £30.00

Mustard and Pink Espresso Cup £27.00

This cute tiny green and pink espresso cup makes a perfect present

Green and Pink Espresso Cup £27.00

Designer homeware - miniature pot bright blue

Hand-cast Miniature Aubergine Pot (Bright Blue) £27.00

Designer homeware - miniature pot matt purple

Hand-cast Miniature Aubergine Pot (Matt Purple) £27.00