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Beatrice Maikstenaite is a graphic and media designer from Lithuania who is based in the United Kingdom. Her work reflects her interest in design through physical objects with a focus on longevity. By utilizing a minimalistic design approach and using recycled acrylics and plywood, she produces precision-cut perpetual table calendars. Each piece is handmade locally in London, employing laser and CNC cutting methods. 

We spoke to Beatrice about her perpetual calendar. See what she had to say below.

What attracted you to your craft?

I was always fascinated by product design and the endless possibilities it provides. As a
graphic designer I wanted to explore innovative ways to approach mundane household
items and redesign them with a perpetual function in mind.

Does your calendar have an environmental focus?

The ‘Perpetual calendar’ is a table calendar that can be used forever. It promotes
sustainability as an alternative to the paper ones on the market. The processes of
production involve laser and CNC machine cutting, providing precision. It features a modern,
minimal design that includes only the necessary information, thus requiring the least
amount of materials to be used. Its perpetual nature ensures endless use, reducing waste
and environmental impact.

What is the unique selling point of the calendar?

The unique selling point of ‘Perpetual calendar’ lies in the combination of
sustainability, precision craftsmanship, and timeless design.

Where do you find inspiration for designs?

My designs are largely inspired by Swiss and Brutalist aesthetics. I enjoy finding inspiration
from my surroundings, such as architecture and nature, whether it’s the geometric precision
of buildings or the organic beauty of landscapes.