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For this week’s meet the maker, we talked with designer Desmond Lim, who graduated from Central Saint Martin’s after studying an MA in Design Furniture.

Desmond Lim is a furniture and homeware designer whose work is centered around the use of material combinations. The objects he creates use unique joinery methods to join wood and stone, resulting in unexpected sculptural pieces. Originally from Malaysia, Desmond founded his studio in 2019 with the ethos to create objects with material and emotional durability in mind. All pieces are designed and handmade in London. 

See what he had to tell us about his work and handcrafted products below.

Sarang Plant Pot and Stand £55

What attracted you to your craft?

Being able to explore different materials and working with your hands. 

What does your typical day look like? 

Everyday is different! So a typical day would be dealing with the most urgent matter. This can involve things like making new stock, designing new products, solving technical issues, making mould commissions etc. I also teach on the side which creates a nice break from being in the studio everyday.  

When you’re not working / studying what do you enjoy doing? 

We have a good group at the studio where I currently work so it’s always nice to finish off the day with a beer.  

Does your product have an environmental focus/does it support the circular economy?

All the products have a strong emphasis on using natural materials and reducing waste. The timber is sourced from UK based companies that get their timbers from sustainable sources under FSC and PEFC certifications. Due to the hardwood materials, the stands are naturally very durable and are able to be refreshed with a coat of finishing wax if needed. We also only use natural recyclable/biodegradable packaging.  

What is the USP (unique selling point) for your products? 

The products offer a very unique sculptural take on functional homewares. 

Imbang Ring Holder £45

Where do you find/ source your inspiration for designs? 

Going around the city and looking at street furniture is always a source of inspiration for me. I also enjoy going to see art exhibits at museums, London’s great for that.  

Please can you provide a little more info on how your interest in design started and developed? 

I think my interest in design started in drawing which developed into graphic design which then developed into product and furniture design. Who knows what’s next! 

Do you have any favourite items in the collection? 

I only make things that I also am personally invested in. I also realised that your favourite pieces are not always the ones that others might respond to.  

How would you summarise your collection is a few sentences, words? 

Sculptural, tactile, materials, joinery, architectural, natural.

Does your work have a social impact? 

Not intentionally, but I hope it would impact individuals to want to learn about materials and making processes.  

Imbang Jewellery Stand £85

What are your hopes for the future/ where would you like to take your design career/ collection? 

The hope is to continue to expand the collection of furniture and homewares to further develop the brand.  

To view all of Desmond’s products available to purchase at not just a shop click here.

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