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Knots bag is an Indian based brand that is passionate about sustainability, female empowerment and reviving age-old, Indian weaving techniques. Designer Thanusheeya believes in innovative designs that turn art into wearable fashion. The bags are inspired by her experiences of travelling, where she discovered different fashion and art styles from around the world. Knots bag are uniquely handcrafted and gender neutral. They are designed to be luxury and timeless pieces, that have been made responsibly.

We spoke with Thanusheeya about her brand. See what she has to say below!

What attracted you to your craft?

Fusing the passion to revive the ancient craft of weaving with the strong will to empower women in rural India.

What does your typical day look like?

As a designer and founder, my day starts with developing and finalising new designs. We employ and train women on traditional hand-weaving techniques, at their homes. The team drop off the raw materials and collect the finished bags. Each bags takes hours to make and the women are able to work on their bags when they are available and are paid for all the work they do. Through the employment of local women, Thanusheeya hopes to make every women self-reliant and empowered.

Does your product have an environmental focus?

We are passionate about protecting nature. We ensure we make 100% ethical and quality luxury bags from recycled non-biodegradable plastic waste. We do not manufacture plastic in the production of our bags.

What is the USP (unique selling point) for your products?

Our bags are a beautiful part of Indian History. Handcrafted with love and care, using recycled material to create wearable art. Be fashionable, be the change and empower some amazing rural Indian women all at once.

Where do you find inspiration for designs?

Travelling around the world is the major source of our inspiration for our bags. Our weaves get their inspiration from the temples of India and nature as well.

Please can you provide a little more info on how your interest in design started and developed?

The decline in crafts and traditional techniques was due to lack of innovation in design. When I started looking at the beauty of woven textiles and the strength the material holds, my interest in design peaked. I developed bags that are lightweight, vibrant and skilfully hand woven. The designs are playful, aesthetic and ergonomically made. They come in a range of neutral, quirky and bold colours. Knots bag is perfect to carry essentials and very durable. The quality of craftsmanship makes the bags last for decades.

Do you have any favourite items in the collection?

The Miaow Clutch is a favourite from the collection. It is the perfect hand companion .

How would you summarise your collection in a few sentences?

Intricate pattern with symmetrical and poetic weaves. Carry all your essentials at your fingertips with our MIAOW clutch, a responsible fashion statement. Woven by hand, you’ll find yourself magnetically attracted to this piece.

Does your work have a social impact?

Knots Bag employs rural women in and around Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India to weave the bags. The idea was to empower rural women along with creating sustainable and ethical fashion.

What are your hopes for the future? Where would you like to take your Knots bag?

I would like to create more innovative and contemporary designs, for the global audience and encourage the use of recycled materials that creates an impact on the environment and for the generations to come.