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Niamh is a designer-maker based in south east London, originally from Ireland. She uses porcelain to create fun, functional objects which look and feel great to use. Niamh aims to create interesting colour combinations and patterns, keeping an element of randomness in her slip casting process. This act of chance means each mug, cup or vase is totally unique.  

We spoke with Niamh to find out more about her craft and the inspiration behind her lovely ceramics.

What attracted you to your craft? 

I fell in love with ceramics at school in Ireland, I had an amazing art teacher and technician who inspired me. I found the craft process incredibly therapeutic, you aren’t thinking about anything else apart from the piece in front of you.  

What does your typical day look like? 

My days can vary week to week. Alongside my own practice, I work in ceramic education. I’ve never had a 9-5 job and I enjoy the balance of teaching and making. When I’m making my own work I like to go to the studio in the daytime and teach in the evening.  

What is the unique selling point of your products? 

 I create bright colour combinations by staining the porcelain itself. Once fired I sand the porcelain until it feels like satin, creating a comforting, tactile experience.  

Where do you find inspiration for your designs? 

I am interested in creating functional objects that feel and look great in your home.  My design inspiration is very much process led; trying, testing and experimenting.  In the way I slipcast, I want to allow an element of randomness in the pattern. This means I keep my forms simple, to really highlight the colours and tactile feel of the sanded porcelain.  

Please can you provide a little more info on how your interest in design started and developed? 

While studying at Central Saint Martins, I became interested in the idea of collections. Not only why we collect things, but how we visually group objects together. When I am designing a new object, I am always thinking about how it will sit with existing pieces to create a coherent voice.  

Do you have any favourite items in the collection? 

I love making the larger vases with layered collages and marbling. The bigger surface area allows more space to experiment, each one is unique depending how I am feeling on the day. It’s always exciting to de-mould and see the patterns.   

How would you summarise your collection in a few words? 

Fun, bright, tactile.  

What are your hopes for the future? Where would you like to take your design career / collection? 

I want to continue to experiment with colours, forms and techniques. Perhaps a brand collaboration or new stockists.