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Earlier this year, not just a shop held a competition open to UAL students tasked with designing a Christmas gift wrap, to be sold exclusively in our shop.

The standard of this year’s entries was so high, so much so that we have selected two winners! The winners each received a prize of £150 and x10 sheets their winning wrapping paper.

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Christmas gift wrap competition are: Amber Latham and Dellana Ariévta, both of whom captured the spirit of a not just a shop Christmas in their designs! You can shop the designs here, or visit us in store to pick up a sheet or two. The gift wrap is £2 per sheet or 3 sheets for £5.

We spoke to each winner and asked them about their work, inspirations and Christmas traditions! Have a read to learn more about each winning designer.

Dellana Ariévta

What was the inspiration behind your design?

My inspiration behind this design is an Albert Camus’ quote that relates to a roller coaster of feelings throughout year. We tend to ignore every negative feeling, for the sake of ‘positive vibes’. So, I tried to imagine the shape of my emotions such as feeling insecure, no matter where I am at in my life, there are always negative thoughts haunt me. Other emotions such as boredom, excitement, dealing with trust issues, compassion, love, grace, joy, feeling scared, worrying, sum up and enlighten me that we are okay to have negative emotions. Acceptance is the last missing piece in the puzzle. It’s just a cycle, we will be okay. And it’s our decision what to feel about it. If we look at our emotions as a whole, they are beautiful and worth experiencing.

Do you have any advice for aspiring wrapping paper designers? 

I think you might be want to consider getting your heart involved in your designs. The act of gift giving is really personal, it’s like showing your feelings to your beloved one, partner, family, friends, or maybe, your interesting acquintance—soon to be your crush?!?

The paper you wrap these gifts in is an extension of the thoughtful gift itself! You want to wrap them in beautiful printed paper, and that is why you need to be devoted to the design. I believe that the positive energy you put into the design somehow will stay there and accumulate with the people who give the gift. I think it’s something to think about.

Christmas Wrapping Paper designed by Dellana Ariévta for not just a shop
What is your favourite thing about the holiday season?

Traveling and spending time together at home, whilst watching cheesy tv shows and eating nachos together is fun! I’m an easy to please kind of person, so no matter ‘where’ we go, I will always be excited if I travel or spend it with the people I love the most.

What is your favourite gift you have ever recieved?

This life. Hehehe. My life and the whole journey is the best thing I ever got, followed by art supplies and delicious food.

Amber Latham

What was the inspiration behind your design?

I love how magical the evenings feel during this time of year, with all the twinkling lights, Christmas trees and festive reds and greens. I wanted to create a design that captured this enchanting feeling whilst also focusing on the little things that make this time of year feel special, particularly in connection to nature.

Do you have any advice for aspiring wrapping paper designers? 

I would recommend deciding your colour palette before you start, and not using too many different shades. I used 11 colours in my piece, and I think any more than that would just make it too busy! You can also end up with some interesting results when you limit your palette to just a few colours.

Christmas Wrapping Paper designed by Amber Latham for not just a shop
What is your favourite thing about the holiday season?

 I love the festivity and the novelty of it! There are lots of things you do/eat/drink and watch over Christmas that are unique to that part of the year: Christmas films, mulled wine, pigs in blankets – I never get tired of enjoying these little traditions with my family each year.

What is your favourite gift you have ever recieved?

I’d say the silver ring I was given for my 16th birthday. It’s subtly engraved with something meaningful to me and I’ve worn it every day since I got it. It’s just a simple design and wasn’t expensive, but it brightens my day a little everytime I catch sight of it.

Christmas Gift Wrap Service

This year we are offering a gift wrapping service for online orders. For £3, we will gift wrap your items in either of these exclusive designs, handwrite a gift message and remove all pricing. To add this service to your order, please select this option at checkout. Also, if you would like a certain design, please specify which in the order notes section.