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The final maker in our products with purpose series is the talented and lovely Emily, founder of Chin Chin Prints.

Chin Chin Prints was created during the first lockdown in 2020. Emily’s illustrations celebrate local landmarks and the nostalgia that the buildings bring to the communities they sit in.

We spoke with Emily about her favourite print and the inspiration behind this.

What is your favourite piece?

My favourite print is the Greenwich print.  

What is the inspiration behind this piece? 

I grew up in South East London and have so many lovely memories of having picnics in Greenwich Park as well as visiting the local market and Maritime Museum. The print was inspired by these memories and the iconic view that you can see from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park.  

What do you wish to achieve with this piece and what do you want it to convey to your audience? 

My hopes were to capture memories/ sentimental value people may have with Greenwich and implement a sense of playfulness with the use of both colours and textures. None of the colours I used are true to real life and are solely focused on brightening up wherever the print is showcased and sparking joy.