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Standpoint is a collective of graduates from the BA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography course at London College of Communication. The then students selected a collection of prints, that were sold in not just a shop from May-June 2023. The sales supported their degree show, where the graduates showcased work beyond the traditional limits of documentary image making.

Whilst the fundraising sale ran, all proceeds went towards funding activities to support Standpoint’s graduate degree show, and to help sustain the collective beyond university. The fundraising sale assisted each image-maker in evolving independently through their professional creative practice.

Now the sale has ended, any money raised from the remaining print sales will be given back to the BA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography course at London College of Communication, who will use the funds to support the next group of students.

Each A3 first edition print is on sale for £50. Read more about Standpoint here.

Products for sale

This image shows artwork from Luke Adekoya Campbell. The image features a UK pound coin with the words one dollar around the edge of the coin. The pound coin is on a white background.

‘One Dollar Sterling’ Print A3 by Luke Adekoya Campbell £50.00

landscape photograph of a flat roof with a couple of people sunbathing on towels

‘The Roof’ Print A3 by Safi Jenkins £50.00

Black and white photograph of a horse's face with a closed eye

‘They have never asked’ Print A3 by Annalisa Mingardi £50.00

Black and White photograph of remote seaside town/beach

‘Unaccompanied’ Print A3 by Hope W Chen £50.00

Black and White photograph of brick building and window.

‘Good night’ Print A3 by Nathan Jessop £50.00

Photograph of a white brick building with a bright red door and black railing.

‘Find The Red Door’ Print A3 by Athena Knowles £50.00

Black and White photograph featuring a hand holding a piece of hair.

‘The Flower is Always in the Almond’ Print A3 by Arianna Birattoni £50.00

Black and white photograph of the side profile of a dog.

‘My Family’ Print A3 by Niall Gorey £50.00

Landscape Photograph of the sea

‘Beautiful Nightmare’ Print A3 by Harry James Relf £50.00

Black and white landscape photograph featuring white plastic garden furniture in the foreground and an outdoor clothes dryer in the back right corner.

‘After Juhannus’ Print A3 by Aku Ratsula £50.00

A black and white portrait photograph of one adult hand and one younger had nearly touching.

‘Dá me a mão pai’ Print A3 by Chiara Lazzari Passos £50.00

Landscape photograph depicting a the back naked female figure, with shadows.

‘Untitled’ Print A3 by Ella Souzan Clarke £50.00

Portrait photograph of a female outline, wearing a dress filled with robotic parts. Black background.

‘To Be Human, In A Human Less World’ Print A3 by Jasmine Flowers £50.00

A black and white landscape photograph with sheep grazing on a hill and three trees lining the background.

‘Sheephill’ Print A3 by Daniel Mooney £50.00

Landscape photograph of green hills and grey skies.

‘Aburi’ Print A3 by Cleo Amissah £50.00

The landscape photograph shows a surfer competing at a competition in Nazaré, where some of the world's biggest waves can be found.

‘Nazaré’ Print A3 by Pedro Porru £50.00

Lost and Found landscape photographs features a set of white railings on the left, with black, white and green block colours on the left. The image is encased in a white border.

‘Lost and Found’ Print A3 by Eden Lauragais £50.00

The landscape photograph features a city scene in Taiwain at night.

‘izainu’ Print A3 by Hesther Ng £50.00

The landscape photograph features a brown table with white, religious cloths, a plastic back, a black notebook and a shell on it.

‘Closed on Sunday’ Print A3 by Amy Cundill £50.00

The photograph is a portrait of a woman wearing a mustard coat and cream beret in the centre of the image. We can only see from their shoulders up and the background is blurred.

‘We Have Guests’ Print A3 by Wilfred £50.00

‘Tremors of Change’ Print A3 by Rebekah Hutchinson £50.00

‘Untitled’ Print A3 by Kaiting Huang £50.00

A photographic print by Cassia Clarke. The print features a family photo album with multiple childhood photos and empty sleeves.

‘Take My Word For It’ Print A3 by Cassia Clarke £50.00