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Our next maker in our Products With Purpose series is Natalie from Biju Jewellery. Natalie spoke to us about her favourite pieces and the inspiration behind her designs and brand.

What is your favourite piece?

My favourite piece always tends to be the current piece I am developing. I love fully immersing myself in the process of bringing to life something that has only ever existed in my imagination. Experimenting with different shapes, colours and ideas is one of my favourite parts of the creative flow as it is often challenging and even surprising. Often the end result is very different from the initial idea and sometimes the “mistakes” end up being the key in the development of a product.   

If I have to choose, I would say the Iva earrings set is my favourite piece, as it is very close to my heart. It is also one of the very first designs I developed and it combines several different colours from my palette which makes it very fun and easy to combine with different outfits. I find myself wearing it a lot.  

What is the inspiration behind your jewellery?

All my jewellery is named after women in my life or ones who have influenced me in one way or another. The Iva earrings are named after my best childhood friend who always used to be very supportive of my creativity. The inspiration behind this and all other pieces from my Colours Collection is the desire to create fun and colourful pieces that are unusual, that stand out and make a statement while being very lightweight and comfortable.  

What do you wish to achieve with your jewellery and what do you want them to convey to your audience? 

The core reason for me starting my tiny brand was to have a creative outlet and to do what I love. Making handmade gifts for my girlfriends and bringing a smile to their face. The possibility of converting this into a way to earn my living is an absolute dream.  I aim to create fun accessories for women that love colour or that need some brightness in their day. I create jewellery that I would wear myself – uncommon, but also easy to wear in a daily life of a busy woman who loves a pop of colour. I aspire to make all pieces with sustainable material and work hard to incorporate as many upcycled materials and intend to continue developing new ways of doing so in the future.