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Products With Purpose is a new series that aims to showcase our incredible makers and their fabulous products. This week we are pleased to share with you our recent conversation with Hatice, founder of Black Cat Pottery, who has chosen her yellow ceramic juicer as her product to highlight.

What is your favourite piece that we sell at not just a shop?

My favourite piece is the ceramic citrus juicers.

The juicers are handmade by Hatice, who works mainly on a pottery wheel to create functional homeware. The high fired terracotta juicers are available in blue, white and yellow.

What is the inspiration behind this piece? 

I was inspired by the idea of designing playful and beautiful pieces that are functional and can be used and loved everyday . I also take inspiration for my designs from nature.

What do you wish to achieve with the ceramic juicer? What message do you want it to convey?

I feel art should not be restricted to galleries and museums. It can be a mug that we drink our morning coffee in or a piece of pottery on the table that puts a smile on our face. These juicers do that. They make people smile and bring joy to their homes.

For more information about Hatice and Black Cat Pottery, please click here to read Hatice’s answers to our meet the maker interview.