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It’s time for us to showcase another of our fabulous makers! This week we spoke with Yijing, founder of Noodoll and a planet loving parent. We asked Yijing to pick out her favourite product – a hard choice! See what she chose below.

What is your favourite piece?

My favourite piece is from the Noodoll x 24Bottles collaboration of 250ml water bottles.

What is the inspiration behind this piece?

As a mom, I always want to make sure my daughter understands the importance of looking after the environment. Pushing back against throwaway culture and design items which were previously seen as disposable. As a result, we have designed this range with 24Bottles whose founders themselves are environmentally conscious parents, which we hope to expand on with other similarly sustainable products in the future.

What do you wish to achieve with these water bottles and what do you want them to convey to your audience?

As a small business, we are conscious of the environment and the unnecessary waste that we can sometimes generate. We do what we can do on a daily basis. Little things like bringing our own packed lunches, drinking tap water from our refillable bottles, recycling boxes from our neighbourhood to re-use for wholesale orders, and using our custom tissue paper to wrap our toys. We’ve been running our friends for life project for a couple of years now, where we fix any damaged toys for free. We also upcycle unwanted Noodolls and resell them to be onto their next journey. This means our Ricemonsters can last longer and be a friend for life.