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Final year BA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography students’ at London College of Communication brought you a collection of photographic prints from their years of study, under the collective name The Same Coin.

From 6th April – 6th May 2022, not just a shop hosted a sale of these exclusive prints. During this period, all proceeds from the sales went to funding activities that supported the student’s degree show and aided them on their journey.

The Same Coin Print Sale

Below are the remaining limited-edition prints sold exclusively at not just a shop. Each print is limited edition, meaning not just a shop only has one of every print. So make sure to be quick if you want to purchase a particular print! Each print is priced at £50. Shop all the prints here.

The Same Coin Degree Show

The money raised from the print sale with not just a shop went back to the students to help fund additional activities to support their degree show, held on 25th-28th May 2022.

The Same Coin degree show connects students’ work from BA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication, exhibiting projects across the spectrum of Photojournalism and Contemporary Documentary practices.

“With everything flipped on its head, the experiences of the past three years have been mediated between the ever-changing faces of the In Real Life and URL worlds, culminating in varying new perspectives.

The duality represented in the idiom of the same coin reflects that of the distinction between Photojournalism and Documentary photographic practices, with said distinction becoming more blurred at every passing moment. It symbolises the point between both truth and fiction at which photography can lie. Despite a photograph having the ability to reveal so much of a story to us, it can also leave so much out. Moreover, it represents photography’s ethical considerations. It shows that every story has another side; The people in front of the camera should be equal to those who stand behind it. The Same Coin degree show intends to unify these polarising portrayals by showing an array of work from students’ that flows between and beyond these boundaries.”

Make sure to follow The Same Coin on Instagram to find out more about the degree show and to follow the students progress.