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‘KaleidoSkeleton Ti: The Desi Cyborg’ by Aminder Virdee Print £50.00

‘Intangible object’ by Merve Safa Erguner Print £50.00

‘Allium Venenatum’ by Elena Vittoria Bevilacqua Print £50.00

‘The Dog’ by Huang Xuechun Print £50.00

‘Cluster’ by Anna Petermann Print £50.00

‘Longevity’ by Zhang Shengjia Print £50.00

‘Badu to Aodi’ by Lo, Yu-Shao Print £50.00

‘untitled’ by Younkuk Choi Print £50.00

‘Salt and Sugar’ by Laisul Hoque Print £50.00

‘Black hole Lily’ by Tu Zhongling Print £50.00

‘Degree show drip’ by Matei Parascan Print £50.00

‘Dreaming I’ by Sui Zhongge Print £50.00

‘Saline Shock’ by Josie Rae Turnbull Print £50.00

‘Torrington Gardens N11’ by Francesco Felletti Print £50.00

‘Nothing #42’ by Alisa Aistova Print £50.00

‘Möbius Strip’ by Belle Kushner Print £50.00

‘SCOBY Moon’ by Lucy Dukes Print £50.00

‘Plain’ by Dovile Antusaite Print £50.00

‘Please recycle me’ by Karen White Print £50.00

‘Floating Grips’ by Esmeralda Momferratou Print £50.00

‘Phyllocarida Occultatus Tenebrii Magnus’ by Sarah Lou Sasha Maarek Print £50.00

‘Explanation’ by Bobby Dowler Print £50.00

‘Sedley’ by Emma Ruth Williams Print £50.00

‘Worlds in the Microscope’ by Holly Moore Print £50.00

‘Mineral studies’ by Aube Bleu Print £50.00

‘Project X’ by Sol Mussa Print £50.00

‘DARK CLOUD’ by Kiah Fisher Print £50.00

‘A Kneaded Communion’ by Jannat Hussain Print £50.00

‘Theatrically Hiding’ by Roberta Borroni Print £50.00

NANOSCALE STRUCTURES DETAILS IN MOVEMENT OF MORPHO'S BUTTERFLY'S WING TAKEN ON A LAB DIGITAL MICROSCOPE.LENS E100 X 300 Zoom: X1.50.The image displays in the centre a single almost incomprehensible sentence. The viewer can read: "Where everything is possible"

’01#DIFFRACTION’ by Laura Benetton Print £50.00


‘Tomorrow’ by Kaja Stumpf Print £50.00

A A3 white page -landscape format- with a phonetic text in black Helvetica font book-ended with a red line.

‘tæmpə wɪð ˈlæŋgwɪʤ (Tamper With Language)’ by C.D-B Print £50.00

‘The Girl Who Had Sex With A Horse’ by Medb Print £50.00

The underwater world differs dramatically from the non-aquatic landscape in terms of its colour, textures, patterns, contours, sounds, spaces, and angles. As a diver, I have witnessed changes in the nature and extent of coral bleaching from 2014 to the present day. Consequently, my works revolve around one theme: Invisible – Coral Bleaching. By studying the scientific techniques employed in monitoring climate change, I was able to collect NASA ocean temperature data for the period 2014 to 2021, from which I plotted a series of projections via Python using a blue to green colour bar that was photographed in the ocean by myself. Meanwhile, I am also motivated by a desire to use my work to enhance public awareness of changes in the eco-system and to remind people that the activities of humans inevitably impact the environment.

‘Invisible’ by Zemin Chen Print £50.00

‘A moment in time’ by Shivani Mathur Print £50.00

A venn diagram containing the words 'I HAVE' - 'NO URGE' - 'TO CREATE' with the title of 'RIGHT NOW, AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT', drawn on a pastel beige-pink hue.

‘The Honest Truth’ by prettyblood Print £50.00

"和其光 Softens the glare 我会想起梦里的光 I remember the light in my dream 它蔓延无边 It spreads far and wide 它拨弦 It pizzs the string 在寂声 in silence 在静长 it grows "

‘VOID’ by Ran Yan Print £50.00

An earthy tone Risograph print of a faint faceless figure wearing a tuxedo, layered with the landscape of clouds and mountains paired with a pattern in the background. This print is of a picture that was projected in a hallway, between three doors.

‘The Dual’ by Hanya Elghamry Print £50.00

A young woman riding a hippocampus, a mythological animal with a horse head and fish tale. Bird legs below the central image holding onto a chair, floating on the ocean.

‘Chimerical Balance’ by Laura Erviti Estruch Print £50.00

A square composition situated within the top 3/5ths of the page, with a white border. The composition inside the square features an abstract gathering of black figures on a muted beige landscape.

‘A glance from the corner (I)’ by Dian Joy Print £50.00

"Kiss Me Slowly Once Twice Thrice "

‘Kiss Me’ by Ruth Hallgarten Print £50.00

A collage of vegetation, lichen, pictures of stones covering the landmark view of the Trafalgar Square.

‘These truly are the last days (Trafalgar Square)’ by Pati Starzykowski Print £50.00

"A layered, charcoal-textured black composition with a centred, thin, white streak running vertically across 3/5s of the image. "

‘Hagaah, Hofaah’ by Adam Muscat Print £50.00

‘An intimate story of my educastration’ by Brando Prizzon Print £50.00

‘’ by Print £50.00